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Nantong Mengyou textile Co. Ltd.located in Nantong
City ,Jiangsu province ,China, Specialized in Ranges
of high quality yarn dyed fabric which have great colors
and unique designs,including poplin,dobby,Tencel,
Rayon,double fabric,crepe,seersucker,flannel,oxford,
chambray,and so on...

    Most of the machines and equipment are imported from abroad such as Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium with international modern level...【More


Office Add:20F,King Bleach Tower,No.18 gongnong Road, Nantong city, China
Mill Add:No.12 Hongqiao road, Bengcha town,Rudong County Nantong city

Tel:+86-513-84821999  Fax:+86-513-84826558
E-Mail:   P.C:226000

  • High-density poplin High-density poplin
  • 60S-03 60S-03
  • Shirt fabric 02 Shirt fabric 02
  • 50S-01 50S-01
  • Shirt fabric 01 Shirt fabric 01
  • 60S-04 60S-04
  • 50S-04 50S-04
  • 32-02 32-02
  • 70S 70S